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Our Turkish Coffee Recipe

Updated: Jan 17, 2018

Can't wait for the next market? Here's how to make delicious turkish coffee to tie you over!

coffee + cardamom + sugar ///

You can get Cardamom Coffee in almost any Arabian Halal shop, we like to use Cafe Najjar.

Alternatively you can finely grind your own coffee and add a few cloves of warming cardamom.

Add one teaspoon of granulated sugar, one teaspoon of coffee and one cup of water to your "kanaka". If you don't have one you could use a tin milk jug or small pot.

Heat it slowly on your stove until the coffee raises to the top. At this point keep your eyes on it like a hawk, you do not want the coffee to overboil and spill out!

Take the Kanaka off the heat when the desired créma has formed on the top.

Let the coffee sit for a minute before pouring to allow for the grains to fall.

Yalla Habibi, Enjoy!

coffee + cardamom + sugar ///

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